Obligatory Introductory Post…

The other day I introduced my son to the sea for the first time.

Rather than dubiously dip in a toe, or indeed allow me to fully deliver my carefully pre-prepared speech about how “It’s totally cool to be scared of stuff”, Frank waded straight in (fully clothed) up to his baby moobs and proceeded to gleefully kick fuck out of the water.

This is, in essence, how he deals with all unfamiliar situations.

As one of those folks that feels incredibly uneasy about tackling a new venture without some manner of cosmic starting pistol, he leaves me perpetually perplexed.

I know (in my heart or some guff) it’s the right time to come back to the online fold but the only thing I’ve ever had any genuine skill in kicking off effectively was, well, kicking off.

Yet, in lieu of the heavens opening, a choir of angels descending and a large banner being dropped bearing the words “Begin here, doofus” I believe a rare Monday afternoon whilst the sprog sleeps on the floor by my toes (don’t judge he was eating an apple and sort of conked out) will have to suffice.

I’m not new to the bloggersphere by any means, I’ve been through this particular mill more times than my phone has been inadvertantly down the toilet but each incarnation has eventually come to its natural conclusion and been abandoned to the ravages of cyberspace.

It’s been almost three years since my last post, it may as well have been an age ago.

I’m hoping this time round I’ll tackle the responsibility of writing in a public forum with a bit more dignity. If not dignity then integrity. If not integrity then, umm, sensibility? You know what, bollocks to it! If I can get my brain to mouth filter to function at least 70% of the time then I’m onto a winner.

So, if you’re all sitting comfortably I’ll begin. Tomorrow. Probably.



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