Frankie Says “Relax”…

It’s rare I take a photograph that I’m absolutely itching to post, especially being that I rely solely on my rather temperamental mobile and the wonder of pre-set filters, but so far this week I find myself rolling in the bastarding things.

This poses me a bit of a newbie blogger dilemma.

I’m busily trying to establish my ‘grown up voice’ by writing proper, meaty content as regularly as I can manage and somehow churning out a ‘day that was’ post purely for the sake of a bit of Instagram spam seems counterintuitive to my cause.

Unfortunately this also renders me a massive hypocrite as I hop gaily through other people’s pictures, feeling like some sort of well-intentioned super spy, revelling in the joy a sneak peek into the lives of parents the world over provides.

So, after much deliberation (I say ‘much deliberation’, I actually mean ‘a brief contemplation over a brew and a biscuit’), I’ve come to a compromise and decided to hide behind the justification of hooking myself up to yet another linky.

It was all a simple matter of waiting for an appropriate one to come along and luckily enough my wonderful mate *namedrop* DorkyMum sent me the way of Sticky Fingers and The Photo Gallery.

This week’s theme is ‘relax’ and that pretty much tin hatted it.

“You mean I get to showcase my snaps and make a terrible 80’s reference?” Sold to the woman still attentively tapping sand out of her shoes…

Without further ado, my submission for #Week 153:




Portobello Beach, Monday 12th 2013



Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

10 thoughts on “Frankie Says “Relax”…

    • Hurrah for happy memories! When I was a second year student I landed a job in a guesthouse in Porty – I don’t think I would ever have known about it otherwise…which is terrible in hindsight.

      Unfortunately I don’t think the funfair is still going but they do have a monthly beach busking day which is fairly awesome.

    • Thank you, that’s a proper confidence booster of a comment right there! 😀

      I’m still determined to save up for a ‘real’ camera though – any recommendations are welcome.

    • Aww, shucks. 😀

      I’ll admit when I managed to get them onto the laptop and take a gander at them on the ‘big’ screen I did do a little “whoop” to myself.

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