Oh, Your Blog? Yeah, I Ate It…


We’re heading back to Manchester for the next few days, placing Sometimes Mermaid temporarily on the back-burner.

Fear not!

Sporadic posts will appear, but I’ve got to keep my priorities in order and this week ‘difficult, grown up shit’ just got elevated a notch.

With that, I’ve likely let the cat out of the bag. This isn’t a us away for our jollies on the cheap – getting fed and watered on the family tab – we’ve got appointments to keep.

It’s not something I’ve written about as of yet but a fortnight or so ago I found out that Frank is partially deaf (which explains a lot). They’ve yet to ascertain if this is just dodgy biological wiring or a direct result of our local clinic fobbing off his recurrent ear bleeds as a ‘passing childhood infection’.

Hopefully the coming days will provide the answer and some much needed ‘bigger picture’ in regards to how this will impact on his life.

I’ve already imposed a ban amongst those friends and family in the know, one which I would like to extend to my fellow bloggers, that outlaws anybody offering their condolences.

It’s not a “pity” or a “shame” and well-intentioned as these words are when you hand them out, they’ll always come loaded with an innate negativity.

Weasel Bee has pootled on quite adequately up until now.

He’s engaged, sociable and can carry a tune despite not uttering one discernible word – I’ve been informed this is some ‘compensatory sense’ ability by which he can detect subtle changes in pitch vibration far better than the monotonous formation of words.

Human brains are fucking ace.

As expected his diagnosis so far comprises of basic testing and a lot of best guesses. This isn’t anticipated to become more concrete any time soon.

Even the intensive hearing assessment is an almost herculean task in a child of his age, involving multiple audiologists and an ‘on the day’ appearance from Lady Luck. In one (undoubtably selfish) sense I’m relieved he’s below the cut off for more surgical poking and prodding despite the advantage this method of examination provides.

So, thank you for the support (and sticking with my ramblings so far) – we’ll see you on the other side.



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