On Gifts I Kind Of Wish I Was Cool Enough To Have Bought Myself…

This post goes out to my Uncle Doug and his lovely lady, Meng – ever radiant despite being five days overdue (and counting).

Let me first make something exceptionally clear; my uncle has impeccable taste. This is foremost the reason why, on the odd occasion he informs me I am to expect a surprise present in the mail, I’m never worried.

Curious? Absolutely.

He has a distinct knack for gift giving – one I can only aspire to.

It’s always an object of quality – whether that be a particularly apt, well written book or something that has ‘craftmanship’ tooled into every surface. Often it’ll be an item that didn’t so much as register on your radar previously, but once it’s in your life you’re left wondering how you ever went without.

A number of weeks ago, one such parcel was popped through my letterbox and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

I’m going to hasten through the unwrapping process and tell you right of the bat, it was an apron.


A beautifully packaged, product numbered, hand signed, specifically tailored for women, Barista apron from a company called Dawson Denim.

I didn’t even have to try it on to know we were going to get along famously but when I did, oh goodness, when I did…

…you know that friend? The one who you would swear blind you were seperated from at birth if it weren’t for the slightly inappropriate feelings you had towards them, yeah?

For me, this handsome bit of Japanese red selvage denim, is that friend.

Most aprons I’ve had dalliances with over the years have adopted a rather teabag-esque drape over my unimistakably ‘girl shaped’ figure – not this time. It’s refreshing to be hugged in all the right places by something so utile.

I’m not suggesting for a second one needs to feel sexy whilst simmering soup, knocking seven bells out of bread or getting caked to the elbows in finger paints but it does make a difference.

As mama to one Frankie Dee-structo baby, I’m in a prime position to road test the hardiness of clothing. My Dawson’s apron has risen valiantly to each challenge so far.

Long story short, sod the Bounty Packs, give every new parent one of these and set them loose on the world of milky vomit and nappy changing, [sensibly] dressed to thrill.

As an added bonus each piece of their workwear, lovingly produced in Brighton, comes with a little booklet that entitles the new owner to free repairs during the first six months – pretty sound, eh?

You can pop on over to the Barista page for the item specifics, or check out the rest of their delightful collection here.

I’m off to get mucky in the garden with my new BFF.



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