Inch High Private Eye…

…or ‘Views of Edinburgh From Around About Bum Level’.

When I was put onto the scent of the Kids Capture The Colour competition some weeks ago, I was (quite honestly) on it like Donkey Kong.

At no point did I anticipate us being within the first 100 applicants eligible to receive a free camera, but as the old saying goes; “if you don’t try you’ll never know”.

A few days later we received confirmation that the kiddo and I made the cut – it was happy faces all round.

As the parent of one Frankie Dee-structo Baby (and self confessed technophobe) I was pleasantly surprised to discover the camera was both sturdy and easy to use – it took him a remarkably short amount of time to navigate his way around operating it after which point…it was all him.

We’ve been lucky enough in the past few weeks to have a number of day trips around our home city, accompanied by pretty spectacular weather – some special (such as our visit to Edinburgh Zoo) and others a little more mundane. All have been eagerly documented by a boy and his new best friend.

The photographs featured below were shot by my son, uploaded by moi and then edited by him through Instagram (one of the first apps he learnt to use and the impetus for entering him into this competition).

Due to his hearing loss and delayed speech there’s been a heck of a lot of pointing going on but I can safely say he’s gosh darn pleased with his selections and I couldn’t be more proud, or indeed thankful for the insight into his rather insular world this exercise had granted me.

Without further ado:


RED: Anybody familiar with the ‘student end’ of Edinburgh has likely walked through The Meadows – contained within this gorgeous patch of green are two parks. Neighbours separated only by a privet hedge but so far removed from one another it’s almost funny. The first is a fairly new construct, huge and looming with three top of the range play areas and rarely a quiet moment. The other. Well. It’s a park. With a swing, slide, climbing frame and roundabout that have seen better days but it’s Frankie’s favourite place to hang out. Perhaps it’s the novelty of having it all to himself, the uncomplicated nature of the ‘fun’ contained within – until he tells me, I can only guess but we’ve spent many an hour getting to know each and every corner.


GREEN: We’re lucky enough to live on a small street that backs straight onto Holyrood Park, I say ‘lucky’…It means that we have Frank’s evening jaunt covered come rain or shine but equally we’re within earshot of every person brandishing a megaphone, act as a through route come haven for lost tourists and often stumble upon some fairly odd guerilla ‘art’. I’m unsure if this natural collage was a fluke, an individual statement or one part of a wider endeavour but my little boy was quite taken with it regardless.


BLUE: Speaking of art – thanks to a happy accident we discovered a free bus (and I do love free things) to take us from the city centre out to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, this meant that Mummy could catch the last few days of Witches & Wicked Bodies whilst Nana took the Weasel Bee for a general romp around the grounds. I would love to know if it was the sculpture or the spider web that caught his eye…


YELLOW: The final two pictures were taken at Edinburgh Zoo. There was so much to photograph I eventually wrestled the camera from him half way through so he could engage with the surroundings sans the filter of a digital screen. Personally this is one of my favourites and I’m more than a little jealous he seems to have an eye for composition already – not to rule out the likelihood of ‘happy accidents’ but he really seemed to take his time over this one. Then again…who doesn’t love actual sleeping lions.


WHITE: Birds freak me out. Pelicans especially (after I saw a video of one eating a pigeon) but Frankie holds no such prejudice. In fact out of all the pictures he took that day a good 70% contained animals of the feathered variety – fortunately only the one happened to fit with the categories he hadn’t yet covered. Phew.

And that, ladies and gents, is a wrap.



This has been Frankie Dee’s entry for the Kids Capture The Colour competition in association with Travel Supermarket and Venture Photography.

We were provided with a Fujifilm Finepix JV500 camera to take part in this competition.

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