Sorry Your Sick Day Is Due To Actual Sickness…

Sometimes life is all about the small things.

Frank has never been one to buy into consumerism, there’s no tugging on my coattails for sweets or plastic tat when we venture to the shops, he’s very much a “no, ta, I’ll play with the box” kind of boy…

…except when it comes to die cast vehicles, especially trains.

We’ve been battling all manner of childhood illnesses these past few weeks, from chickenpox to the dreaded winter vomiting and there’s only so many things you can play with a sick child before resorting to ‘poorly boy presents’ just to see him smile.

One such gift was a die cast James (for anybody living on the moon that’s Thomas the Tank Engine’s mate) – I’m not one for believing in miracles but I may be erecting a shrine to this little choo-choo because the boyo certainly took a turn for the more energetic when I wrestled it out of the box.

(One thing I’ll never comprehend is why children’s toys are so impenetrably packaged…it’s like that set of kitchen knives I bought when we moved into this flat, you know, the ones that require a sharp object to open).

Admittedly, I’ve never been much of a train enthusiast, so that side of Weasel-Bee’s infatuation is totally lost on me but I have to admit die cast toys have a certain aesthetic appeal that their wholly plastic counterparts lack.

Perhaps it’s the fact I’m thrifty to my very core, recognising their superior construction will allow them to survive a good 99% more ‘toddler abuse’ (including of late ‘chucking everything really hard against the wall’) than the majority of things you can pick up for a similar price.

Another bonus to this particular impulse buy was the discovery, somewhat later when we’d both stopped lying on the sofa feeling suitably sorry for ourselves, that the Thomas die cast toys fit your standard wooden train track (the staple of many a 2+ toy box) making them an ideal stocking filler or emergency birthday present too.

All in all I’m pretty chuffed with our little James, if my wee man ever ceases driving him across every available surface I’m sure he would agree too.

For anybody trapped indoors with the ills this week: Thomas the Tank Engine toys are available at Argos online here.



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