I Will Always Cherish the Initial Misconceptions I Had About You…

It was on the back of a MAD’s nomination I was given cause to remember that this blog was still ticking over in my prolonged absence.

Yet here I am (some several months later) and I have found myself so altered as to lack any identification with my writing here, whatsoever.

On the back of this I must awkwardly say “thanks but no thanks” to any future involvement with mummy blogging, amusing an interlude as it provided, but I do want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to whomever nominated me and to all those for which this corner of the iternet may have raised a smile or caused them to shed a tear.

I’m not going to say that me and the kiddo are destined for great things or that there are a multitude of potential adventures in the wings: not least because I’ve come to realise, in my time away, that there are some things people just don’t need to know.

As with each and every other outpost I’ve abandoned over the years ‘Sometimes Mermaid’ will remain, but only as an un-manned curio…a little like myself.

All my love,



One thought on “I Will Always Cherish the Initial Misconceptions I Had About You…

  1. Ava, thank you for leaving this note. I think of you and Frank quite often and hope you are both coping well with what life throws at you. Just wanted to wish you both lots and lots of luck and say that I will miss your mummy blogging very much. Love xx

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